oxen power (no gasoline)

OK so are are asking yourself “What is an oxen?” Oxen is plural of “ox”. So an “ox” is any of several bovid ruminants, as cattle, buffaloes, bison, gaur, and yaks; esp., a castrated, domesticated bull (Bos taurus), used as a draft animal. 

Oxen drew many wagons in all the great westward migrations in 1848–1849 on the long treks over plains and mountains to Oregon and California. Starting at Independence, Missouri near Kansas City. 

For most of the time mankind has been on this earth, the majority of the work has been accomplished by 1) man’s muscles 2) animals or 3) wind/water power. In parts of the world it is still in fashion. All images were taken near our farm at south latitude 39 

Trivia for today, John M

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