Discover a new way of life in the south of Chile.
Construction lots of 5,000 square meters (1   1/4 acres) in our eco community.

Tranquility, peace and relaxation are experiences most people will never have –the chance to live in unhurried indulgence on your own at EcoDream Community.

What draws nature lovers, free spirits and urbanites to experience farm life for the first time? Once the bounty and serenity of a life lived close to the land gets into your blood, you will see why ownership at EcoDream Community is an extraordinary proposition.

We are opening up our 54 acre/22 hectare southern slice of paradise to those interested in a relaxed lifestyle, open for challenges and stimulation, pursue a sense of adventure and embrace Mother Nature.

So just vote with your feet and head south and pursue a lifestyle change.


The EcoDream Community is not a religious, arts or organization based community. It will develop organically with people from all walks of life choosing to live in the estate for a range of different reasons. The demographics are expected to consist of some young families, older families, singles, travellers and retirees all enjoying the best the EcoDream Community has to offer. Open to free-minded people and promoting traditional family values. The land has been feng shui as well as the project development in the future by

Naturally Abundant

The community will enjoy events together in its club house. These possibilities include yoga, exercising, dancing, craft beer tasting, birthday parties and many other social events for residents and guests, managed and run by residents.

Residents can expect to be part of a large ‘extended’ family which comes with many unexpected and non-tangible benefits. A community with hope for the future and opportunity for the present.

Click on the following links to see the type of waste system we promote:

Vermi Filter
Worm Farm
BioFiltro es una empresa chilena



Located in the lush green mid-southen zone of Chile known as the Lake District where the terrain was sculpted by the glaciers of a by gone ice age. The Google Earth coordinates of the farm are 39° 21’ 23” South and 72° 17’ 41” West.

About Us

Lydia is currently transitioning toward the retirement concept after living in Australia, USA, Germany, Denmark and Chile. She earned a doctorate in chemistry and specialized on nuclear magnetic resonance. She paid her dues in the usual academic and corporate business settings. John grew up in small town Iowa USA next to the Mississippi River assisting the family dry cleaning business, graduate of a gunsmithing trade school west of Denver, Colorado, professionally cleaned carpet for 35 years and a small town landlord. Some characteristics of this owner are; iconoclastic, territorial, misanthropic tendencies with an INTJ personality type and strong work ethic. What you see is what you get. We arrived in Chile March 26th , 2006 and I learned to be a world class blueberry grower via perseverance and dedication.


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