Natural Springs

Since this southern Chile area receives around 7 feet/2,100 mm of annual rainfall mainly in the winter months of June, July and August, in winter the water exits the soil in various natural springs. I have constructed and installed a wooden box with the help of oxen to capture this natural treasure and direct it to a gravity feed irrigation system. The spring water exits the golden colored layer under the soil.

This can be easily modified to a secondary source for the community water supply for 5 months out of the year. And since it is gravity fed, the system saves electricity and wear and tear on the submersible pump in the new 42 meter/138 feet deep water well. I like this concept to take advantage of Nature’s gift.

We have 4 different water rights legally recorded on our farm; 2 from creeks, 1 from a pond and the deep water well installed in May 2019.The new water well has a tested continuous flow rate of 3 1/2 liters per second. This figures out to 303 cubic meters of water daily. This is equivalent to 0.925 gallons per second X 86,400 seconds in a day = 80,000 gallons per day. A substantial amount of water to me and a treasure to cherish and protect.

For 7 years our household water supply comes from a shallow 3 meter/10 foot well and only has a sediment filter. It is still amazing to me to open the water faucet and know exactly where the water comes from and its treatment unlike the majority of people in the world.
This resource is 1 of the many positive attributes naturally found at EcoDream Community for people to seriously consider our location as a Plan B.

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